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Type of Cards

Character Cards

There can only be made one Character Card for each weapon/character. So the one who forges the card will be the one to choose the image. Having all four cards for a character will enable you to master that character. But there are two more requirements to think about! You need to have mastered a deck related to the character and you need to have a Character Scroll. The same mastered deck may be used for other characters from the same series, but you need one Character Scroll for each mastering!


There are four teams; Sword, Staff, Bow & Spear.


The currency at Another World is sweets, you'll be able to use them at the Candy Shop.

There are also different kind of coupons. Coupons that you get from games must be turned in via the Coupon Exchange, except for the Borrow Weapon coupon.

Regular Choice Card & Special Choice Card coupons.
You will get those from games and you'll need to turn them in via the Coupon Exchange. You can never buy Choice Card Coupons, you'll buy the cards you want directly at the Candy Shop.

Borrow Weapon Coupon.
This one can only be used when forging a Character Card. If you want to forge a Character Card with another weapon than your own, then you need this card! Please notice that this coupon doesn't give you a character card of choice, it will let you borrow a weapon of choice when you forge a character card!

Character Card Stock Coupon.
This one won't be available at first, there need to be created a few Character Cards first. It will give you an already created Character Card of choice!

Friend Gift Coupon
This one will give 5 random cards to a friend of choice! We'll send the cards via pm at the forum :D

Missing in Action
This one won't be available at first as well. It will give you a quitted player's Member Badge of choice.


Treasures are rare and you can exchange them at Treasure Rewards. Some coupons can only be found here.

Medal Badges

We'll have Medal Badges after prejoin for players to earn after meeting certain criterias.

Levels & Level Ups

Level 1-20.

1-200, 201-400, 401-600~


Once you have collecting all of the cards in a deck, you have mastered the deck. This means you cannot trade away any of these cards (except for doubles, of course) but you will receive some rewards for doing so. For every regular card deck you master a deck with 20 cards, you receive 5 random cards and 1 choice card. Mastering a deck with 15 cards will give you 5 random cards. Mastering a deck with 10 cards will give you 4 random cards.